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If you have always been very interested in music, then you might want to pass down your love of music to your children. You can’t just force kids to like music if they aren’t all that interested in it, though. Getting your kids to warm up to music might take some time, but there are things you can do. Read on to learn how to get your kids involved in music so they will come to love it in their own ways. 

Try to Find Songs Your Kids Like

It’s fine to play music that you find interesting and that your kids might wind up liking as well. However, it’s better to let your kids find music they enjoy and then embrace that music. Your children have their own tastes and they might be into different genres of music than you are. Let them be who they are and don’t try to steer them toward liking other things just because you “don’t get it.”

Encourage Singing and Playing Along to Music

Encouraging singing along to songs and playing with the music will help kids create good memories. This could be as simple as drumming on a countertop or singing out the lyrics to your favorite songs. Kids who participate in music in small ways wind up engaging with music more. This could lead to your children being interested in learning how to play a musical instrument or wanting to take singing lessons. 


Dancing is a natural response to listening to music and most genres of music are easy to dance to. If your kids like to dance around while listening to songs, then you should definitely encourage that. It’s one way that your kids are expressing their interest in music. Teaching your kids about dancing could also give them a greater appreciation of music. 

Learn About Instruments and Songs

Teaching your kids more about music once they’re interested in it is good. They might love to learn what instruments are playing the music in their favorite songs. You can teach them a bit about instruments such as guitars, drums, bass guitars, saxophones, and whatever other instruments they like. This is another step that could encourage your kids to start wanting to learn to play music of their own.